Welcome to KunstKado

Bea Torfs - 2018-12-05


In the coming weekend, Ixor proudly hosts the art exhibition KunstKado together with gallery yoHanneke. An ideal opportunity to find some extraordinary Christmas gifts! The visual work exhibited and for sale includes a wide range of techniques: textiles, glass, ceramics, jewellery in silver and ceramics, fantasy jewels, graphic work, collages and assemblages. These unique artworks have a price range between 15 € and 150 €. As a visitor you will not only enjoy the visual art, but you also have a chance to admire some of Mechelen’s patrimony.

In the Ixor offices you will find work by Pol Spelmans, Greet Luyten, Marina Luyten and Martine Reynaert. In galerie yoHanneke you can see the work of Thijs Polfliet, Myriam Seghers, Kaatje Grauls, Josien Eulderink, Tania Verhasselt, Annemiek Hamelink and Liliane Van der Elst. The gallery and Ixor offices are within walking distance of each other and the visitor is warmly welcomed.

You are most welcome on Friday evening from 6 to 9 pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am to 6 pm. The artists are alternately but continuously present.

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