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Ixor groups the experiences in various domains, into different practices.


In the IxorCloud practice, operations and development engineers participate together in the entire service lifecycle, from design through the development process to production support. Our cloud architects build the most secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure possible for your applications. Our engineers produce stable and efficient systems so you can focus on functional requirements. Ixor has implemented DevOps transformations in large and smaller companies. Our experience will help you in the adoption of the DevOps culture, which goes hand in hand with the Agile Software Development.

Rik Tytgat
Cloud & DevOps Engineer

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User Experience

A good user experience is the best bond between a brand and (potential) customers.  We ensure a consistent brand experience in all interactions with the user, from look and feel of the different platforms, to the content and communication between brand and customer. The user experience has a major impact on your reputation. Therefore, we make sure that not only the content but also the user experience is grafted onto the customer journey. It is about how something works, how it feels, how it is structured. Contact our experts to take a look at how the user experience on your digital products can be raised to a higher level.

Roel Verbeeck,
Managing Director

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IxorThink: Fueling the AI-driven enterprise

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has just started to deliver real-life business benefits and enterprises are slowly recognizing the value associated with incorporating artificial intelligence into their business processes. When our IxorThink practice designs, builds and deploys AI based solutions, the benefits are quickly being demonstrated. Duplicate and similar product detection for Spott, document recognition for IxorDocs or the pre-analysis of digital images of intestinal mucosa are only a few of our recent realisations. In our IxorThink practice, we aim for well-designed AI systems that adapt to people, for effective human & machine cooperation.

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IxorTalk: Open Source IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) provides new possibilities for end users by adding intelligence in existing and new solutions. To enable these possibilities, our IoT projects focus on all challenges including hardware, connectivity, data insights, service design and user experiences. When consumer products and services are created using IoT technology, our focus is on designing connected experiences, in which we create new value, new business models and new insights. Connected experiences enable digital transformation that impacts society.

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Our customers

Our experts work for NMBS, Telenet, Fluxys, Acerta, Belfius, BNP Paribas, Persgroep, Vlaamse Overheid and De Lijn. Ixor has a top reputation in delivering the right expert for the job.

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Our own digital solutions

The spirit and brainpower at Ixor have led us to bring products to the market ourselves.


Use IxorDocs to connect with clients, employees and the government. Invoices are secure, HR documents optimised and you are connected to the international PEPPOL platform.

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UDINI provides a mobile badge that enables access to smart buildings en smart mobility. UDINI connects users with existing systems including locks, parkings, elevators, bicycle stands, …

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The Internet of Things: let your products, systems, infrastructure and people communicate with each other freely. Information collected by sensors is relayed to you in real time. You monitor and manage your installations from our easy-to-use dashboard on the IxorTalk platform.

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