Great software,
inspired by talent

Ixor is devoted to every aspect of software. Our experts provide consultancy services, create products or build customised software for clients. Custom Development, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing: Ixor is at your service.

Proud to deliver

You might have the perfect software today. But what about tomorrow? The experts at Ixor create your solution to cover every stage of the application lifecycle. Forward-thinking development is the foundation of our long-term relationships and high-quality solutions.

The most versatile administration tool in Belgium

Ixor helped Doccle build a groundbreaking, integrated solution that is user-friendly and provides accessibility on different devices (desktop and mobile).


Our approach

A strong, reliable approach to your project is a must. Ixor employs an approach based on the Agile method and the Lean Start-up method with its short, effective development phases.

Open sourcing our knowledge

We value learning. And not just our own. Ixor runs workshops and seminars that turn you into an expert in the latest trends and technologies.

Ixor TechTalk

Want to stay on top of the latest in software development? You’ll know about every new trend and the latest features by attending the TechTalk sessions. Ixor organises them regularly.