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The aim is clear: to provide you with the highest quality of digital products. To do so requires experience. It requires a deep understanding of your business. And it requires a strong team of experts who dare to look beyond code. Ixor meets all the requirements to build your next futureproof digital solution.

Proud to deliver

For 20 years we have been delivering digital solutions to reputable brands. From User Experience Design to Cloud Native Development, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, we use it all to create the best experience possible for you and your end-users. More often than not, it results in a long-term relationship making us a partner you can build on.

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Through the years we developed a method to build reliable products: the diamond approach. During these workshops we take a deep dive in your business. That gives us enough insights to adapt along the way and swiftly find solutions that will make your software last through time.

Fitting Technology

Your technological needs are our priority. You can count on our elaborate toolbox and proven frameworks to build you a tailor made, highly qualitative and reliable solution. Our experts are at your service along the way, guiding you in understanding and anticipating the choices to be made.

Agile & Lean

Your project is brought to life with quick and efficient development sprints to uphold the deadlines. You’ll have the software you need before you know it.

Relentless commitment

Your project drives us to perform at the highest level. You will quickly feel as if our experts have always been part of your team. We pride ourselves on always delivering at the best of our abilities. 


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